Filadelfia is situated in the heart of the Gran Chaco, a landscape of grandiose nature. On one-day-trips you can visit most of the different landscapes in the area, including the spectacular salt lagoons of Campo Maria, the palm savannah and the xerophytic forest. Observing the tremendous diversity of wildlife and nature is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers.


The city of Filadelfia has three museums. The “Museum Koloniehaus” shows various testimonies of the Mennonite migration and development in the Chaco. The museum of housekeeping “Knelsen-Haus” provides an interesting insight into the way of life of the people during the colonization. In the museum of natural history “Jakob Unger Museum” you will find stuffed animals representative of many of the diverse species living in the Chaco, including mammals, as well as an impressive amount of small and large birds. Furthermore the museum has an exhibition about the different indigenous cultures of the Chaco.

For guests interested in history a visit at the famous locations of the Chaco war like Fortín Boquerón, Isla Poí or Toledo is a must.

The indigenous inhabitants of the Chaco manufacture and sell beautiful works of art using natural materials like the carving from the famous Palo Santo wood or bags made from the fiber of the karguata. You can buy these things in the city.

Tourist office


In front of the Hotel Florida you find the tourist office situated at the “Menno Simons-Hof” which provides friendly and actual up to date advice. For your first information about Filadelfia, why not download the city map or contact the tourist office directly?

Regular events


May: Rodeo Neuland

June: Rodeo Isla Poí

August: Rodeo Trébol

Oktober: Trans Chaco Rally